Here, you can request to become a Rollback or an Admin!

Although not required, If you have experience as an admin/rollback on another wiki, that will increase your chances of becoming an admin on here. A good attitude wouldn't hurt either. ^_^

  • Rollback (Code Green) -- 100 main edits
  • Admin (Code Yellow) -- 250 main edits

To see how many main edits you have, enter your user name here.


  • Green - Good Chance
  • Yellow - Possible
  • Orange - Too many, successful application unlikely
  • Blue - VERY low chance
  • Red - No chance
  • Black - Impossible because the Wikia Staff has disabled promotion.

Username (Rollback)

Username (Rollback)

Details about your request

Username (Rollback)

Details about your request

Riadse96 (Administrator)

(what is a Rollback?)

If there still is a main person involved with this wiki, I would like to be an admin because I am in Code Green for making 118 main edits on this wiki.

On other wikis I have done:

81 edits on the Avatar Wiki, 75 on the Left Behind Wiki (practically an admin there), and 20 on the Once Upon a Time Wiki.

In Response to your administrator request, I'm afraid I will have to respectfully decline your request. I have looked at your Edit Count and your edits are.... underwhelming. More main edits are required and I do'nt believe I can trust you until I have seen you here longer. Also, your main edits on other wiki's isn't really showing a display of contribution worthy of administrator privileges. Thank you for your inquiry and please continue to contribute. With time and more edits, perhaps you will have the potential for administratorship :) Magma Chia--Ji Robinson ~Wall~ ·Contributions· Magma Chia 03:50, June 15, 2014 (UTC)

Username (Administrator)

Details about your request

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