Neomail is an e-mail system that works within the Neopets site. Due to COPPA regulations, users under 13 cannot send or receive neomail unless their parents have filled out a permission form. All the normal chat rules from the Neoboards apply to the system and saying something wrong will usually be picked up automatically by the servers, resulting in a warning, silencing, or freezing. If you find anyone breaking the rules and it is not addressed right away, you can report them here .

You can only have up to 100 neomails in your inbox at once, so be sure to periodically delete old ones. It is customary for users to send piles of dung to people who have full inboxes to signal that they have something they need to say.


The Neomail Addict avatar is awarded randomly while sending neomails. It used to be given automatically to Premium members, but has since been changed so that all players can receive it.