Yep, you can find anything in Neopia, including your very own neohome which you can build, customise and furnish to your liking. You can have a garden too. There are Classic Neohomes And Neohomes 2.0.

Classic Neohomes

First you must pick the world you want your neohome to be in and apply for a building permit. Then you build the rooms. You can plant things in your garden and buy furniture for your rooms. When adding new rooms, you get to choose the postion of the doors, what plot of land to put it in and what material to build it out of.

Neohomes 2.0

In 2007, Neohome 2.0, a new type of Neohome was added to Neopets, where the home is free, and there's no need to build rooms and add extensions.

You cannot use older items, only items marked with a house in bottom right corner can be used in these Neohomes.

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