Regular Neocola

Neocola is the leading soft drink company in Neopia, and their Neocola sodas are edible items that can be given to your neopet.


  • Regular Neocola
  • Diet Neocola
  • Caffeine Free Neocola (regular Neocola w/o caffeine)
  • Apple Neocola
  • Peach Neocola
  • Grapefruit Neocola
  • Raspberry Neocola


  • Neocola is similar to Pepsi or Coca Cola in real life, whereas Achyfi is similar to Fanta in real life
  • On Kreludor, there is a Neocola machine that takes Neocola tokens which typically go for around 3k NP
  • The average price of Neocola is around 100 NP


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