NeoQuest II
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NeoQuest II is a long adventure game. It is played in HTML, so you can play it even if you do not have a Flash plugin. There is no limit to plays per day, but you won't be playing it four times a day - the game can take weeks to finish. Unlike NeoQuest I, NeoQuest II allows a party that will eventually grow to four characters.

Maximum Neopoint gains per play:

  • 21400 for beating required bosses
  • 1100 for beating optional bosses (Miner Foreman, Meurka and Hubrid Nox)
  • 10000 for beat Normal
  • 30000 for beating Hard
  • 50000 for beating Insane


There are three different avatars you can get from Neoquest II:

  • You can get the weakling av by losing to a plains Lupe
  • You can get an avatar for defeating a bionic cybunny
  • You can get the devilpuss av by beating the Devilpuss in chapter 5

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