Each week the PurpleLightHouse guild has a special Member of the Week (MotW). Each member of the week has 2 responsibilities:

  1. to let us know who the next member of the week is (please pick someone who hasn't had a chance recently)
  2. to post a message to this bulletin board (except for some younger members who can't because they don't have permission)

It's nice to neomail the new MotW too. Just to make sure that person knows.

The following members have been the MotW.

Date Member of the Week
2009-07-06 Ced1214 (Ced1214)
2009-06-22 Seahorseruler7 (Seahorseruler)
2008-01-17 saylahandesine
2008-01-12 ? julie_lampert (RJ)
2007-12-27 ? chickpea_1111
2007-12-20 ? pijpkonijn (Kelly)
There was a long break.
2007-01-11 caitlynanne94
2006-12-07 royal_t225
about 2006-11-19 angelstarz9dz
about 2006-11-09 xphyreblastoff
2006-08-28 strikers_kiki (StrikersKiki)
Awarded late, so can go until the following Thursday, September 7th.
2006-08-16 purple_light_house
2006-07-27 girlis
2005-10-07 strikers_kiki (StrikersKiki)
2005-08-25 babybearhugz
2005-08-12 julie_lampert (RJ)
2005-07-20 lebelia
2005-07-13 iheartpenguins125
2005-07-06 arabian258
2005-06-29 rspca131
2005-06-22 thenewtracybeaker
2005-06-15 julie_lampert (RJ)
2005-04-21 lebelia
2005-04-13 cyee51490 (Natalie)
2005-04-06 missmoonchild
2005-03-29 cyee51490 (Natalie)
2005-03-22 calico_333
2005-02-20 catgirl8887.
first ice_princess100790
August 3rd, 2010 MOTW

The poll was created at 00:53 on July 30, 2010, and so far 2 people voted.


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