Overview of Neo-Evolution

Some visitors usually ask am I going to have fun being here is this site going to help me in anyway possible, am I going to gain any knowledge about neopets and other online game from being here? To answer that question yes being here on NeoEvolution you will gain a vast amount of knowledge that you never even knew about. Here at Neo-Evolution we always are thinking of ways to make your visit to the site the best experience that you ever have. Other sites may have a load of content but they are usually disorganized here at Neo-Evolution Organization is our number 1 priority. With out organization a site will just be a load of random information with out any categories. Here at NeoEvolution we make finding of information fast and easy.

Reasons to join our community listed below.

We are Unique

Nothing in neo-evolution is copied all the custom graphics,game guides,neopet guides on the site has all been thought up by the staff of Neo-Evolution.

We don't deceive our members.

Here at neo-evolution we guarantee all the information that we provide will not get you in any trouble on the neopets site or at other forums. All the graphics are made by or gfx mods ex:(sigs, splashes, avatars, banners, etc…) The guides on neo-evolution are legit and will not get you in any trouble They have all been tested out before we put them out to the public.

We are friendly.

Her at Neo-Evolution we treat our new comers with respect there might be some members that are not nice but we deal with those kinds of members in a sec. The staff would never undermine you because you are new member we will treat the same way we treat everyone with respect.

We have Site Events

Here at Neo-Evolution we have original site events from site plots,scavenger hunts and more.The events we have will be in plot forum sometimes and other times they would not be the site events that will be going on is for all ages and they are easy.There will be some time when it gets challenging but where is the fun if everything was easy.(There is none going on at the time)


Here at Neo-Evolution our second priority is quality. We here at neo-evolution must have everything in a specific way. From the type of font used and the color sequence for news and updates here at Neo-Evolution if we don’t like how it looks we would not put it out for people to use. You will never find any of our custom graphics poorly made we here try to make high quality graphics for users to use. image

Hope all the traits that we listed make you join our great community. NeoEvolution Forum

-- NeoEvolution Staff

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