Name Kari
home Terror Mountain
Species Negg Faerie
Gender Female

The Neopian Neggery is run by Kari, The Negg Faerie. In return for Plain Neggs, she will give you Negg Tokens, which can then be traded for Special Neggs.

Festival of Neggs

In March, 2010, Kari hosted the first 'Festival of Neggs'. While she is running the Festival, her Neggery Apprentice/Assistant, Zaira, looks after the Neggery (first appearance in 2011).

She was eventually replaced by rthe Cybunny Hopsi.

Neopoint Items

  • Negg Faerie Doll
  • Negg Faerie Negg
  • Negg Faerie Negg Bomb
  • Negg Faerie Poster
  • Negg Faerie Snowglobe
  • Negg Faerie Stained Glass Window
  • Negg Faerie Stamp
  • Negg Faerie Usuki Set
  • The Negg Faerie
  • The Negg Faerie Diaries

Neocash Items

  • Floating Negg Faerie Doll
  • Negg Faerie Dress
  • Negg Faerie Key Quest Token
  • Negg Faerie Wig
  • Yurble Negg Faerie Wings


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