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Neggs in Neopia are much like eggs. The Neggs have special powers and can usually be bought with Negg tokens at the Neggery. The Neggery is run by the Negg Faerie. Some Neggs, such Brown Neggs, don't give your Neopets special abilities or do anything but "fill up" your Neopet, which is considered worthless. They can be traded in for Negg tokens though.

An example of a special negg is the "Basic Power Negg". Feeding it to your NeoPet will increase its defense ability.


The Neopets help files say that there is no receipe to create a fish negg. Apparently some people have run scams involving this. So beware anyone who tells you that they can help you make a fish negg.

Types of Neggs

There are many different colors and types of Neggs, each worth a specific amount of Negg tokens and Neopoints.

Normal Neggs

Name Tokens Est. nps
Blue Negg 5 22,000
Cookie Negg 2 3,000
Frozen Negg 14 24,000
Glass Negg 5 18,000
Green Negg 3 20,000
Icy Negg 2 3,500
Lemon Swirly Negg 3 7,000
Lime Swirly Negg 3 5,000
Negg 1 1,500
Orange Negg 4 32,000
Pink Negg 5 24,800
Purple Negg 2 3,800
Super Icy Negg 4 7,500
Rainbow Negg 6 99,999
Rock Negg 7 12,000
Ultimate Icy Negg 8 18,500
Ultra Icy Negg 6 10,000
Yellow Negg 6 29,000

Easter Neggs

Name Tokens Est. nps
Chocolate Orange Easter Negg 22 66,00
Chyrsaberry Surprise Easter Negg 10 97,500
Cornupepper Easter Negg 10 82,500
Dancing Daisy Easter Negg 10 95,500
Fishy Easter Negg 8 28,000
Lemon and Lime Easter Negg 32 45,00
Lemon Sherbert Easter Negg 10 80,000
Lovely Lime Easter Negg 10 96,124
Luxury Chocolate Easter Negg 28 99,000
Mint Chocolate Easter Negg 26 55,000
Peachpa Easter Negg 10 95,000
Phear Easter Negg 10 98,900
Pink Swirly Easter Negg 8 28,000
Pretty Pink Easter Negg 18 83,000
Sardplant Easter Negg 10 96,900
Scented Easter Negg 8 27,800
Spotted Easter Negg 24 34,000
Strawberries and Cream Easter Negg 16 76,000
Strawberry Swirl Easter Negg 10 97,900

Special Neggs

Name Tokens Effect Est. nps
Bang Bang Negg 27 throws 1 random snowball at opponent 99,200
Basic healing Negg 0 Only usable in Battle Dome, heals 5 np. ?
Basic Power Negg 35 Adds one defense point to your neopet 150,000
Blue Furry Negg 12 Only usable outside battle done, heals 5hp only useable outside of battle 9000
Cackling Negg 80 Gives your neopet the ‘darkness’ ability 300,000
Christmas Tree Negg 22 Only Usable outside of battledome, heals 20hp 13 13,000
ConfusoNegg 53 Gives your neopet the special ability ‘psychic’ 450000
Cool Negg 206 Adds one level and raises one stat randomly from 1-3 points 820,000
Cracked Negg 90 Can heal your neopet by 3 hitpoints once per battle 400,000
Crystal Negg 18 Only usable outside of battledome, heals 8hp 38,000
Evil Negg 35 Inflicts four points on damage on oponent 97,000
Faerie Queen Negg 47 Adds one maximum hitpoint to your neopet 170,000
Ferocious Negg 124 Adds from 1-3 strength points to your neopet and a random disease 450,000
Fireball Negg 28 inflicts 4 points fire damage on opponent 99,500
Genius Negg 20 Get a random book 89,000
Ghost negg 22 May reduce pets hitpoints 58,900
Glamour Negg 6 Lose 1 intelligence point, get random grooming item 13,000
Happy Negg 3 +1 to happiness 4,700
Icestorm Negg 28 inflicts 4 points of ice damage on opponent 97,500
KaleideoNegg 43 Affects one of your neopets attributes in a completely random way 200,000
Plaid Negg 90 Randomly increases one of neopets abilities and may change their color 99,000
Power Negg 66 Adds one strength point to your neopet 240,000
Pumpkin Negg 12 Gain 1 pound in weight and lost random amount of height 25,000
Radioactive Negg 55 Randomly increases one of neopets abilities and may change their color 275,000
Rainwater Negg 51 Gives your neopet one random water ability 300,000
Silver Knight Negg 60 Adds either 1 or 2 points of defense to your neopet 260,000
Smiley Negg 7 +1 to happiness9.8 9,800
SNegg 105 Adds 2 or 3 hit points and 2 or 3 movement points 460,000
Spiked Negg 112 Adds 2 or 3 maximum hitpoints to your neopet 780,000
Spinning Negg 30 Grants your neopet the shield ability 98,500
Staring Negg 30 Doubles current HP, not maximum HP 97,600
Super Negg 132 Adds 1-3 movement points, 1 level and from 1-3 maximum hitpoints ?
Sweet Heart Negg 15 Get a random ice cream item 44,800
Vortex Negg 20 Randomly changes your pets color to either red, blue, yellow or green. 79,000
Witchey Negg 48 Unknown




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