You can put your extra neopoints into the National Neopian Bank. The Bank Accounts are free, and if you deposit some neopoints in yours, you'll be able to collect interest on them every day. There are also free safety deposit boxes for your items that are owned by the bank. Items and neopoints in the bank are safe from being stolen by roving ghosts, the Pant Devil, and other nasty random events. You can upgrade your bank acount as long as you have the minimum amount of neopoints on hand, and the upgrades improve your interest rates.
Premium bankroll screenie

The teller is a green skeith who wears a business suit and keeps track of your money. You can visit the bank by rolling over "Shops" on the top bar, or clicking on it's name on the go-to bar (the set of links that are shown at your inventory and other places). Premium members can also check their savings account by clicking "Bankroll" on the premium bar.

Interest Rates

  • Junior Saver 0 NP    4.5 %
  • Neopian Student 1,000 NP    5.5 %
  • Bronze Saver 2,500 NP    6.0 %
  • Silver Saver 5,000 NP    6.5 %
  • Super Gold Plus 10,000 NP    7.0 %
  • Platinum Extra 25,000 NP    7.5 %
  • Double Platinum 50,000 NP    8.0 %
  • Triple Platinum 75,000 NP    8.5 %
  • Diamond Deposit 100,000 NP    9.0 %
  • Diamond Deposit Plus 250,000 NP    9.5 %
  • Diamond Deposit Gold 500,000 NP    10.0 %
  • Millionaire Platinum 1,000,000 NP    10.5%
  • Millionaire Double Platinum 2,000,000 NP    11.0 %
  • Millionaire Mega-Platinum 5,000,000 NP    11.5 %
  • Neopian Mega-Riches 7,500,000 NP    12.0 %
  • Ultimate Riches! 10,000,000 NP    12.5 %
Bank screenie 1

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