The Rainbow Fountain Faerie is a Water Faerie who lives in Faerieland. She is one of the wonderful Faeries to give out quests. Hers are extremely rare. She will ask you to find an item with a rarity of 94,95, or 96. This
means it could be a cheap quest (it has been seen her asking for Healing Potion XVII which is around 500NP), although it could be an item worth much much more.

If you complete a Fountain Faerie Quest you will be able to visit the Rainbow Pool which enables you to paint of of your pets almost any colour. Excluded colors are; 8-bit, Ice, Magma, MSP, Robot, Royal, Sponge, Quiguki and Usuki.

To work out if the Fountain Faerie Quest is worth completing you should decide which colour you wish your pets to be painted, then find out the cost of the Paint Brush, (some are very expensive), then compare it to the cost of the Quest. Bear in mind her quests are VERY rare, and you may not get another.

How To Find Your Items

  • Asking on the Quest Neoboard here.
  • Using a Side Account to search for your item.

History of The Fountain Faerie

The Fountain Faerie first appeared in 2001 when you could earn Fountain Faerie Passes by signing up with sponser offers. To begin you could only paint your pet one of the basic colours (Red, Yellow, Blue or Green, it was then changed to be able to paint your pet any colour, except Robot. It later allowed you to also change the species of your pet.

The Fountain Faerie shut at the beginning of 2002, and didn't reopen until 2004 when it opened in the form we know today.


  • Fountain Faerie Fruit Punch
  • Fountain Faerie Stamp
  • Rainbow Fountain Faerie Doll


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