Name Nabile
home Sakhmet
Profession Thief (formerly)
Species Ixi
Gender Female
Alignment Good
Nabile a member of the Desert Scarabs, an underground group of thieves, Nabile had been living on the streets since she was a small child. One day, both she and Tomos spotted a wealthy prince leaving the city of Sakhmet and decided to follow him in hopes of easy treasure.

Eventually it was revealed that Nabile is actually a descendent from the royal bloodline of Sakhmet, making her a potential princess and thus a bride for the prince, Jazan. She and Jazan quickly fell in love and went on to restore the ruined city of Qasala once the curse was finally broken.


She is a pink Ixi with purplish black hair.


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Gallery of Heroes Description

A member of the Desert Scarabs, Nabile has lived on the streets as a petty thief for most of her life and truly excels at what she does. Sometimes, though, she finds herself dreaming of a more quiet and normal existence.

Unlike her cohort, Tomos, Nabile tends to be more cautious, and she can never resist a good riddle. These traits, plus her empathy for others, may be the key to deciding all of Sakhmet's fate...

Born in one of the poorest districts of Sakhmet, Nabile roamed the streets since she was very young. She used her quick wit and smart thinking to provide many a meal for the Desert Scarabs. Nabile honed her thievery to almost an art form and when Tomos and she got together, there wasn't a merchant in Sakhmet that they couldn't get to part with a few coins. Constantly running from the guards kept Nabile on her toes, although she often wished that she could lead a more normal life. Her wish came sort of true when she married Jazan, ruler of Qasala, and helped save his people from a terrible curse. Life as a queen might not be entirely normal, but Nabile finds that she likes it anyway. Always compassionate for the less wealthy, Nabile has created a name for herself in Qasala as a just and kind queen. She has also made more than a few enemies at court, however.



  • Jazan and Nabiles Memory Book
  • Nabile (TCG)
  • Nabile Balloon
  • Nabile Plushie
  • Nabile Stained Glass Window
  • Nabile Stamp
  • Nabiles Collectors Dress
  • Nabiles Collectors Veil
  • Nabiles Qasalan Delight


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