The Obelisk is similar to Coltzan's Shrine, except it's mysterious. Something is afoot in Tyrannia... This could be big. Possibly even bigger than that time Bug Eye McGee followed you everywhere. Yeah, definitely bigger than that.


An obelisk in Tyrannia... how very mysterious. This has been sleeping beneath Neopia's surface as long as anyone could remember. A short distance from the main dig site, a team of scientists have set up a treasure-finding station. Word has gotten around that something big has been discovered. Even now, forces are mobilising to investigate the obelisk... and perhaps, claim it for themselves.  

Finding Items

You Need A Tyrannian Scanoscope!

The dirt holds treasures, but you need a Tyrannian Scanoscope to find things every day. Luckily, the NC Mall has them in stock! Purchase a pack and find out what's buried in the dirt. Once per day, please; We don't want to Tyrannia's national treasures too quickly. 

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