Mr. Krawley
Mr. Krawley is a yellow eyed, blue Krawk, featured in the tale of woe. He has sold elixirs to the people of Neovia, causing them to become monsters. He led Gilly to an old asylum, which had the cure for the potions he sold in it. At the end of the Tale of Woe, he disappeared in a puff of purple smoke.

It is uknown why Krawley had sold the elixirs but it is noted that the reason why he did it was because of the Mayor of Neovia as the two had both had something to do with it.

Interesting facts

  • He can disguise himself as a pink mustached Elephante, and Doctor Alexander.
  • He can bring inanimate objects to life, such as gravestones and trees.
  • Even though he was first spotted in part 1 of the prologue, he only revealed his name in chapter 11.

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