The Mortog was released on July 30, 2002 and you can buy it here or from the Trading Post for about 420,000NP.

Just don't kiss your Mortog, you never know what may happen.

It won the PPL, or Petpet Protection League on Week 66

It comes in these colours: Blue, Brown, Chocolate, Halloween, Green, Mutant, Orange, Pirate, Purple, Red, Spotted, Starry, and Yellow.


The Mortog has its own game called Kiss the Mortog. You can play it here.

There is also a Key Quest Powerup called Mortog which allows you to jump one square ahead of another player.


If you win at least 4 rounds at Kiss the Mortog and collect your winnings you can win the Mortog Smooch Avatar. You can play the game here


  • Essence of Mortog
  • Eye of Mortog
  • Eye of Mortog Soup
  • Kiss the Mortog (TCG)
  • Mortog (TCG)
  • Mortog Music
  • Mortog Serum
  • Mortog Water Bowl
  • Mortogberry
  • Mortogberry Pie
  • Mortogberry Slushie
  • Squeaky Mortog
  • Yellow Mortog T-Shirt

Neocash Items

  • Mortog Fountain

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