The Mootix is a type of petpetpet.

To attach a petpetpet you need to have the pet owning the petpet you want it to attach to as your active. You then need to refresh your inventory. It may take a few attempts, and you risk a bad RE (such as the Pant Devil).

You can learn to draw the Mootix here.

Related Games

Mootix Drop

You play Harry the Mootix, as you lead him through rings, and onto a target. You can play here.


In this game you throw a Mootix Ball, and see where it lands. You can play here.

Cooty Wars

You play a Cooty Commander trying to destroy the Mootix paratroopers before they hit the ground. You can play here.


If you have a Mootix attached to your Petpet and you view the Quick Ref Page you will get the Mootix Avatar


There are around 35 items associated with the Mootix such as:"Mootix Parachute Toy", "Mootix (TCG)", "Springy Mootis Toy", "Mootix Pen" and "Mootix Ruler".

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