The Monoceraptor is a monster which invaded Tyrannia along with an army of Tyrannian Neopets during The Tyrannian Invasion. Considered one of the most fearsome beasts of Neopia, it's thick leathery hide is full of scars from all the battles he won. After all of the Invaders of Tyrannia were defeated, the Monoceraptor arrived to destroy Tyrannia. The Monoceraptor's evil plan was, however, foiled. After his defeat, a mysterious voice claimed that it was in fact working for someone else.


The Tyrannian Invasion

The Monoceraptor was first mentioned in the Battledome's scrolling marquee, the day before the invasion itself began. The message read "The Monoceraptor will crush your puny Tyrannia!". Speculation as to who or what the Monoceraptor was was fuelled with a proclamation of his imminent arrival on 9th May. The Monoceraptor held true to his word, and stormed into Tyrannia the next day, after all his waves had been defeated.

The hastily assembled Tyrannian Army, weary from the intense waves of fighting that proceeded the Monoceraptor's arrival, and all the Neopian warriors had to combine forces to defeat him. The killing blow was landed by a single heroic Lupe, and as it fell to the ground a slow, rasping voice could be heard across the whole of Tyrannia, saying, "That puny creature of mine has failed...but Neopia has not yet seen the last of me...I will return...oh yes...I will return."


  • After the ransacking of Tyrannia, the Monoceraptor earned himself a place in the Gallery of Evil on May 11, 2001, but was replaced with Commander Garoo at some unrecorded later point for unknown reasons. It was implied at the end of the war the Monoceraptor was the puppet of some greater evil.
  • A Neopedia article for the Monoceraptor was released on June 12, 2001, but was replaced with Brightvale's article on January 25, 2007.


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