"Noble and loyal, the Minitheus will always be by your Neopets side no matter what the situation. Some people fear its magical powers, however.

The Minitheus is an Altadorian Petpet available from the Trading Post for around 1,500,000NP or here. It comes in Darigan, Faerie, Fire, Water , and Red.

This Petpet won the PPL, or Petpet Protection League in Week 264.

There is currently only one item linked to this Petpet; "Fire Drackonack and Minitheus Enemy Garland"


Mob 'n' Bop

The Minitheus is one of the Petpets that show up in this game for you to clean. They are the slowest, and worth 10 points. You can play here

Crisis Courier

Minitheuses are a key part of this game. You play as a Yooyu who must collect goodie bags and Minitheuses while avoiding obstacles. If you are a Snow you collect blue ones, and when you turn to Fire you collect red ones. You can play here.

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