Sloth HTD

The Mind Control Laboratory is an area of the Virtupets Space Station. It hosts the Dr. Sloth Loyalty Test on Sloth Appreciation Day, 14 January, every year since 2004.

[edit]Dr. Sloth Loyalty Test

In the lab, the user can take a quiz to prove their loyalty to Dr. Sloth - should they pass, Dr. Sloth's forces will "try not blast [the user] with the lasers when the invasion begins". Passing the test earns the user the I *heart* Sloth avatar - failing results in the user being threatened with Sloth Clones and told to leave. The user can repeat test all day, however.

The test is prefixed with the disclaimer "I agree that Virtupets is not responsible for any bodily injury or brain spasms that may occur during the duration of the Dr. Sloth Loyalty Test." - the user must check this in order to pass. The rest of the test consists of the following five multiple choice questions - the 'correct' answers are bold and italicised:

  1. Dr. Sloth is the supreme ruler of everything. He is also which of the following?
    A. Evil and must be destroyed.
    B. Harmless and just needs a hug.
    C. Your one and only master, whom you will obey for eternity.
    D. A block of space cheese.
  2. Should you ever see Dr. Sloth on the street buying Auto Targetting Telescopes and Goo Blasters, you will immediately:
    A. Run up to him yelling "SQUEE!" and proceed to hug the evil villain.
    B. Point at him, laugh, and ask why he has green skin.
    C. Run to the Chia Police with the information, and soon after mysteriously disappear and never be seen again.
    D. Bow at his feet and wait for him to use you as an ottoman.
  3. You are about to paint your pet and are given 4 options. Which do you choose?
    A. Faerie.
    B. Mutant.
    C. Rainbow.
    D. Baby.
  4. While visiting Virtupets Space Station, you see both Dr. Sloth and the Space Faerie. They are both calling you over. What do you do?
    A. Run away. Dr. Sloth is evil and the Space Faerie has that funky costume, so they're both scary.
    B. Invite them both to join you for lunch at Grundo's Cafe.
    C. Pretend to obey the Space Faerie, but then push her out the porthole when she's not looking.
    D. Stand there with this look on your face: o_O.
  5. Who would you choose as supreme ruler of all the universe and beyond?
    A. Dr. Frank Sloth - Because he said so.
    B. King Skarl - He will make sure you're well fed.
    C. Jhudora - She has pretty hair.
    D. Lord (HA!) Darigan - He has wings. Big whoop.

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