Meridell is a location in Neopia on Neopets. Ixi and Draik are native to this region.


Site Description

" A medieval land from the past, Meridell was discovered by a group of unlikely adventurers. Visit Meridell for great games (mostly involving vegetables), faerie quests, bullseye, Mortog kissing, puzzles and much more! "

Sub Locations

  • Ye Olde Petpets
  • Merifoods

Sub Sectors

  • Meri Acres Farm
  • Meridell Castle
  • Darigan Citadel


  • Illusen's Glade


  • Turmaculus
  • Turdle Racing
  • Shapeshifter
  • Kiss the Mortog
  • Cheese Roller
  • Ultimate Bullseye


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