Petpet meowclops black
This friendly creature sees all, however it probably won't know what to do with it.
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The Meowclops is a Petpet on Neopets.


Weight - Unknown
Rarity - Unknown
Estimated Value: Unknown


This Black Petpet can also be Blue, Christmas, Cloud, Faerie, Ghost, Green, Halloween, Maraquan, Pirate, Plushie, Rainbow, Red, Robot, Sketch, Snow, Spotted, Starry, Tyrannian, and White


There are around 30 items associated with the Meowclops including 5 TCG Cards.

There are currently five neocash items associated with the Meowclops.


  • Mini Meowclops Plushie

Cooking Pot

  • Battle Muffin + Meowclops Head Pillow = Meow Muffin
  • Meowclops + Slorg = Slorgclops


  • If you have a Meowclops attached to your active pet, and you view the Quick Ref Page, you will receive the Meowclops Avatar.

Game Appearances

In this game you play Sophies Wand helping Sophie to get the ingredients into her stew. Her Meowclops is wandering around the floor both helping, and distracting you.

In the Petpet Pamper mini-game you must wash the dirt of a Meowclops. It is a fairly simple aim and shoot game. You can play Key Quest here.

Available Colors

External Links

  • You can learn to draw a Meowclops here.