Heermeedjet and Merouladen
Meerca Brothers Neopedia
Name Heermeedjet and Merouladen
Profession Professional Thieves
Species Meerca
Gender Male
Alignment Money Crime
The Meerca Brothers are two Meercas with a notorious reputation of being thieves. One is rarely seen without the other. Their real names are Heermeedjet (the red Meerca brother) and Merouladen (the blue Meerca brother).


They both wear different clothes so that one can be distinguished from the other. Heermeedjet wears a pair of red goggles, while Merouladen wears a blue beret. It should be interesting to note that, while on the job, they wear grey suits that have patches colored red or blue (to, once again, distinguish between the two brothers).


On their card, there is a note about a master that they serve. Though this is uncertain, it is believed that Malkus Vile is the "master" spoken of.

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