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There is something awfully spooky about those big staring eyes...
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Meepit is a Spooky Petpet on Neopets.


Weight: 1 lbs.
Rarity: 98
Estimated Value: 10,000 NP


  • Angry Meepit Eyes
  • Beware of Meepits Sign
  • Creepy Meepit Hat (NC)
  • Creepy Wind-Up Meepit
  • Dance of the Meepits (TCG)
  • Dancing with Ghost Meepits
  • Dramatic Meepit Eye Shadow
  • Dung Meepit Plushie
  • Fishing Meepit Statue
  • Ghost Meepit (TCG)
  • Ghost Meepit Dance Party Ultra Remix
  • Ghost Meepit Head Bonk (NC)
  • Golden Meepit Statue
  • Happy Meepit Plushie
  • How to Serve Meepits
  • Hungry Hungry Meepit (NC)
  • Jar of Meepit Eyes
  • Lucky Green Meepit Gnome
  • Mad Meepit Mocha
  • Meepit (TCG)
  • Meepit Balloon
  • Meepit Balloon (NC)
  • Meepit Bean Bag
  • Meepit Carols
  • Meepit Caution Sign
  • Meepit Chair
  • Meepit Cookies
  • Meepit Costume Gloves (NC)
  • Meepit Costume Headpiece (NC)
  • Meepit Costume Pack (NC)
  • Meepit Costume Shoes (NC)
  • Meepit Costume Suit (NC)
  • Meepit Drawers
  • Meepit Juice
  • Meepit Juice Break Background
  • Meepit Juice Break Ice Lolly
  • Meepit Juice Break Marshmallow
  • Meepit Juice Break Music Track (NC)
  • Meepit Lamp
  • Meepit Mirror
  • Meepit Muffins
  • Meepit Overload Garland (NC)
  • Meepit Painted Rock
  • Meepit Plushie
  • Meepit Poster
  • Meepit Stencil
  • Meepit Sticker
  • Meepit Thought Bubble (NC)
  • Meepit Veggie Sandwich
  • Meepit Wooden Box
  • Meepits Win T-Shirt
  • Milk Chocolate Meepit
  • Repaired Meepit Plushie
  • Singing Meepit Trio (NC)
  • Snowman and Creepy Meepit (NC)
  • Squeaky Meepit Toy
  • Tattered Meepit Plushie
  • Wooden Meepit Totem


  • Mini Meepit Plushie
  • Green Meepit Plushie

Cooking Pot

  • Fishing Kiko Gnome + Meepit = Fishing Meepit Statue
  • Roburg 3T3 + Meepit = Romeep 3t3


Game Appearances

Available Colors

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