Mechachiazilla neodeck
Mechachiazilla is the robotic version of Chiazilla, that was created by Dr. Sloth to attack Old Maraqua in order to capture the Battledome in the Hunt for the Battledome plot. It threatened Maraqua with complete destruction until Chiazilla arrived to defend Maraqua and destroyed it.


Hunt for the Battledome

Chiazilla vs Mechachiazilla

Chiazilla vs Mechachiazilla

After the kidnapping of Professor Chesterpot, Buckley, Sarkis and Ursualla arrived to Old Maraqua, and the Water Faerie arrived with her magical orb that proved the Battledome existed, MechaChiazilla appeared and began his attack on the city. Chiazilla returned to defeat the robot, and the kidnapped Professor was saved.


  • Chiazilla and Mechachiazilla are plays on Godzilla and MechaGodzilla respectively