The Mazzew is a Tyrannian Petpet released April 3, 2001. This Petpet used to be knows as an Isnewee, the name was changed on May 20, 2003.

The Mazzew is available in the following colours; Black, Chocolate, Christmas, Fire, Glowing, Gold, Halloween, Island, Jelly, Maraquan, Mutant, Pirate, Plushie, Rainbow, Snow, Strawberry, and White

This Petpet won the PPL, or Petpet Protection League on Week 35.

"What could be more precious than a baby Mazzew? Nothing at all. They love green neggs and Cheese."

You can learn to draw the Mazzew here.


If you have a Mazzew attached to your pet for 221+ days and you view it's pet look-up you can get the Mazzew Avatar.


There are quite a few items relating to this Petpet;

  • Caring For Your Mazzew
  • I Love Mazzews Poster
  • Mazzew (TCG)
  • Mazzew Ball
  • Mazzew Bean Bag
  • Mazzew Grooming
  • Mazzew Ice Cream Cone
  • Mazzew Lipgloss
  • Mazzew Marionette
  • Mazzew Pillow
  • Mazzew Plushie
  • Mazzew Rug
  • Mazzew Yoyo
  • My First Mazzew
  • Red Mazzew (TCG)
  • The Littlest Mazzew
  • The Sly Little Mazzew
  • Wind Up Darigan Mazzew
  • Yellow Mazzew (TCG)

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