Maths Nightmare
Neopoint-bag 3.13 Points = 1 NP
Difficulty-Meter-Difficult Medium
Iaza14042565375008 Faerieland
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Math's Nightmare is a Puzzle game from Faerieland on Neopets. In this game you have to answer maths questions which appear in bubbles quickly. You are being timed and there is a set number of questions per round. After certain rounds you will get your clock reset enabling you to get further. The bubbles only appear fairly so unless you stumble upon a lucky glitch which gives you more time, it's impossible to do more than a dozen levels.

The best settings to play on is division, potato counter. The questions are easy and yet high scoring enabling you to get a good score. If the neopoint to score isn't too terrible then this is an ideal game to play as one of your dailies as it's quick and easy and gives you a lot of neopoints.

Site Description

" An Aisha named Imiya is fast asleep, dreaming of butterflies, flowers, and other cute things. Tomorrow, she has a HUGE maths test that she needs to pass, so it's vital that she get as much sleep as possible. But then THEY arrived. Babaas, hundreds of them, all carrying maths problems that have to be solved! Find the answers to the equations so the Babaas can jump over the fence and let Imiya stay asleep! "


  • This game has a ribbon for 10 million plays
  • This game has a large screen and so it appears in a pop-up



Acheive one of the top 50 on the Daily High Score Table

(This is easiest to achieve on the first of the month after scores have been reset.)



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