Master Vex
Master Vex
Name Master Vex
home Darigan Citadel
Profession Jailkeeper
Cell Block Player
Species Mynci
Gender Male
Alignment Good
"I have calculated every possible board state after the next seventeen moves and none of them results in you winning the game. Sorry."

– Master Vex's TCG card

Master Vex is a Mynci resides over the game Cellblock in Darigan Citadel Dungeon. He has an article in the Gallery of Heroes.


Goh home
Gallery of Heroes Description

Just how did a prison guard turned Cellblock champion earn his way into the Gallery of Heroes, you may be wondering. Well... during the Darigan war, when the orb drove Lord Darigan mad with power, it was Master Vex who helped the Yellow Knight escape and warn the kingdom of Meridell. Because Lord Darigan was now even a threat to his own citadel, Master Vex helped rally the Darigan troops to stand against the Spectre of Darigan.

Later, during the Kass wars, Vex and Galgarroth were the only ones who stood against Lord Kass' total domination and rule of the Citadel.

During the first Darigan war, Master Vex was loyal to Lord Darigan...that is, until Lord Darigan became corrupted by the Orb and threatened all of Neopia. Master Vex helped the Yellow Knight escape from the Darigan Citadel.

During the second war, he was one of the few to resist Lord Kass's takeover of the Citadel, and was locked in his own dungeons as a result.


Master Vex is cunning, but also overly confident in his abilities due to hardly anyone ever beating him at his own game.


While playing Cellblock you may be awarded the Master Vex Avatar. This is not random, however the exact criteria is unknown.


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