Marak (also known as The Wave and as the Peophin Waverider) is a Blue Peophin, and one of the 12 Heroes of Altador. Once the leader of a clan of Peophins, Marak defended them when a nearby village of fishermen attacked. Altador recognized this great act, and thus, Marak became a protector of Altador. He currently resides with his clan under the ocean off the Altador coast.



Book of Ages: Chapter 06

Neopets: The Darkest Faerie

Altador Plot

Marak's Constellation Clue

Marak's Constellation Clue

On April 8, 2006, a new area of Altador opened. By clicking on one of the waves at The Docks, a new constellation would appear. Next to go to the Observatory and find The Wave constellation, go to the Astronomy Club and receive the Broken Astrolabe item. The gems above Marak's statue are now glowing.

The Book of Ages reveals details of Marak's background, as how he became one of the protectors of Altador.


  • Marak Stamp


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