There are several different maps for Neopia. However, they tend to come in puzzle pieces. Once you've collected the 9 pieces, you can assemble them to get special prizes. All current map puzzles consist of 9 pieces each. When you enter the name of a map piece into the Shop Wizard, it will give you the price of only one of the one pieces of that map.


  • Treasure map
  • Spooky treasure map
  • Secret laboratory map
  • Petpet laboratory map

(Map pieces are listed under the "special" category in your safety deposit box.)

How to Tell the Pieces Apart

All of the maps have names, but since the individual pieces of each map do not have official names, players have begun to assign each piece a number. The following numbering system is used to identify the 9 different pieces in each of the maps listed above:


As an example, the middle piece of the spooky treasure map is called, "Spooky Treasure Map #5". The piece in the top left corner of the secret laboratory map is called, "Secret Laboratory Map #1". However, if you wish to search for Spooky Treasure Map #5 on the shop wizard, you will have to enter "Spooky Treasure Map" into the Wizard and keep clicking 'resubmit' until the wizard shows you the price for piece #5.

Treasure Map

To search for individual pieces of the Treasure Map, a player must type "Piece of a Treasure Map" into the Shop Wizard, and then they will then be given the price of one of the nine pieces. Each of the 9 pieces of the treasure map counts as its own item, and therefore has its own price on the market. As of June 30th, 2007, the following pieces of the treasure map were being sold for the following prices:

Piece #1 =

Piece #6 =

Piece #7 =

Piece #2 =

Piece #5 =

Piece #8 =

Piece #3 =

Piece #4 =

Piece #9 =

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30.09 in 2008 the prices are for the Secret Laboratory map now:
piece 1=30k - piece 2=24k - piece 3=29k - piece 4=16k - piece 5=30k - piece 6=35k - piece 7=27k - piece 8=16k - piece 9=20k
Total Price: 1,041,000
The prices are fluctuating all the time.

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