Lyins (unpainted)

The Lyins is a Desert Petpet that was released June 26, 2001, and is available here, or from the Shop Wizard for about 4,000 NP. They can be painted Blue, Christmas, Fire, Ghost, Green, Pirate, Plushie, Purple, Red, Robot, and Yellow.


Living under the sand, the Lyins likes burrowing for tasty treats. Its hard shell protects it from predators.


Lyins feature in The Great Qasalan Caper, as one of the Petpets to avoid. You really should avoid these as much as possible. Once the escape from their crates, they move around randomly and eat coins, and the statues (the aim of the game is to get statues). They cannot move through the stone blocks, but can break through crates. You can play this game here.


  • The Lyins had a make-over, and used to look like this.
  • They also won the PPL on Week 106.
  • There is one item linked to this Petpet: "I Love Lyins T-Shirt"

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