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The Lutari (Loo-tar-ee) is an otter-like Neopet that is native to Lutari Island. They debuted on the 19th day of Eating Y8 (April 19, 2006). Lutaris are known as playful, happy creatures. They spend most of their time in water, and are excellent swimmers. They are limited edition, meaning you can only create one on it's special day of the year (April 19th). Warning: If you decide to trade or give it to the pound, it will run away!

Lutaris were originally intended only to be created from Lutari Island, however the failure of Neopets Mobile allowed players to create Lutaris online. They are one of the few species that don't have a premade petpage and weren't featured on any physical merchandise. Trying to view an unedited Lutari petpage will throw up the error message "Aargh, there is no template file!"

Site description: "Lutaris are alert, friendly creatures that enjoy playing games outside. They are excellent swimmers and spend much of their time in the water."[1]

Available Colours

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Previous Versions

The Lutari was introduced properly on the 19th day of Eating, Year Eight (known outside Neopia as April 19th, 2006).


Famous Lutaris


  • It was originally known as the Mok. TNT have stated that this was a working title and never intended to be the pet's actual name.
  • The name "Lutari" itself seems to come from the scientific term lutra, meaning "otter".[2]


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