The Lunar Temple (released February 16, 2007) is a temple in northern Shenkuu. The temple is known for being a place where a wise old Gnorbu lives and watches the sky. He maintains the Shenkuu lunar calender, and once each day a player can visit him and take his challenge in which he presents a chart of lunar movements to the player. It is up to the player to track the moon cycle and select the correct icon. If the player chooses correctly, a prize is awarded. If the player is incorrect, a smaller consolation prize is awarded for the effort. The prizes include restoratives for the Neopet and lunar items for the classic Neohome, which the consolation prizes are things like Rainbow Dung and a Soggy Old Box.

Lunar Temple

Lunar Temple as seen in Shenkuu

The Lunar Challenge

The Lunar Challenge is actually quite simple, even if you don't know the positions of the sun and moon. To solve the challenge, simply view the page's source by right clicking on the page and then selecting View Source from the menu or by going to View and then Page Source. Press Ctrl+F when in the page's source and search for "angle," and it should appear after "Kreludor=." There should be a number which falls somewhere into the chart below:

Angle Number
0 - 11 1
12 - 33 2
34 - 56 3
57 - 78 4
79 - 101 5
102 - 123 6
124 - 146 7
147 - 168 8
169 - 191 9
192 - 213 10
214 - 236 11
237 - 258 12
259 - 281 13
282 - 303 14
304 - 326 15
327 - 348 16
349 - 360 1

Now you're probably thinking, "Okay, now what?" Well, the number you get on the right side of the chart corresponds to one of the choices to answer with. We don't have an image currently, but the moons on the bottom row of choices are numbers 1 through 8 (so starting with the full moon, that would be 1, and going through to the last image on the bottom with only a tiny bit of moon showing on the right side). One the top they start at 9 and go through 16.


  • Bag of Broken Neopoints
  • Black Cherry Tea
  • Blue Moon Petpet Bed
  • Glow-in-the-Dark Moon
  • Golden Moon Comb
  • Green Tea Custard
  • Lotus Leaves
  • Lunar Astrolabe
  • Lunar Cape
  • Lunar Chart
  • Lunar Temple Background
  • Mint Rolls
  • Moon Crunch Cereal
  • Moon Dust Scroll
  • Moon Orb
  • Moon Paving Stone
  • Moon and Star Stickies
  • Moon and Stars Background
  • Moondial
  • Moonlit Esophagor Stamp
  • Phases of the Moon
  • Pygui
  • Shenkuu Lunar Temple Stamp
  • Snazzy Moon Comb
  • Wooden Shenkuu Doorway Frame

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Lunar Temple

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