NeoPets allows users to customize some of their own pages -- sort of like the wiki does -- except only the owner of a page can customize it. Some NeoPets pages use neohtml and others use regular html and css. This page will have some hints and examples of commands you can put into your customizable NeoPets pages.

Note to early contributors (like Lindsay), put your example between the nowiki and the /nowiki commands, so it will show up.

See Help:Editing to find out how to create wiki pages or edit them. See Help:Formatting for information about some of the commands you can use to format wiki pages (most html and css commands work on wiki pages).

How to Change a Look-Up

NeoPets has a few different pages that you can customize. First there's your user page which you can edit by entering the look-up information into the "About Me" window on the page.

Sample Look-Ups

The following examples give you some starting points for creating your own formats on your NeoPets look-ups and pages. NeoPets uses different kinds of commands on different pages.

Code for cyee51490's Layout

Courtesy of Natalie, here's some code for a layout. This layout creates a table which you can tailor with the information you want.

4mickey's Look-Ups

4mickey has created some look-ups that others may use. See Look-Ups by 4mickey.

another example


/*put example here*/

remember to give credit to yourself here if you want to... put your ID (not your real name)

from RJ's Shop

The following html commands are used to format RJ's shop. (It isn't one of the best examples, but it's a start and it includes a link to the Purple Light House guild.

<hr> <hr> <font color=#AA00AA size=+1>Great stuff for sale -- especially </font><font color=brown size=+1>chocolate,</font><font color=purple size=+1> purple or</font><font color=silver size=+1> uni-related.</font> <br> <center> <img src=""> <br> Check out the <a href="">PurpleLightHouse</a> Guild! </center> <hr color=purple size=3> Note: Items priced at 123,456 are waiting until I have time to look up a more appropriate price. If you're interested in one of them, feel free to send neomail. <hr>

Pet Page for ClearBlueRose

The following html commands are used to format RJ's pet page for ClearBlueRose. (It isn't one of the best examples, but it's a start and it includes a link to the Purple Light House guild.

<body bgcolor="#ee99ff"> <p> <hr size=3 color=darkblue> <p> <center> <img src="" border=0 height=80 width=80 align=top alt="my pic"> </center> <hr size=3 color=darkblue> <hr size=3 color=purple> <p> <center> <font size=6 align="center" color=purple font=harrington><em>Welcome, #VISITOR !</em></font> </center> <p> <hr size=3 color=purple> <p> <font size=4 align="center" color=darkblue font=harrington>I'm <b>#NAME</b> and I'm a beautiful Uni. Already I'm <b>#HOURS</b> hours old! <p> My owner is the founder of a wonderful guild! Come visit the <a href="">PurpleLightHouse</a> guild. </font> <p> <hr size=3 color=darkblue> <p> modified 17 January 2005 </body>

Other Formatting Hints

Here are more pages with formatting hints for NeoPets