Lisha is the little sister of Meridell's noble knight Jeran.

She is a small, yellow Aisha in a school-girl uniform who wears a large pair of glasses.

Despite her young age, she and her friends were able to help save Meridell twice from the armies of Darigan Citadel, and was able to learn magic.

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Gallery of Heroes Description

A clever and quick thinker, Lisha is the little sister of Meridell's noble knight Jeran. After an accident separated them for many years, Lisha was finally reunited with her brother when she and her friends stumbled into the land of Meridell.

After the Darigan war, which began shortly after her arrival, Lisha and her friends were finally able to enjoy their stay in Meridell. At last, the young Aisha could enjoy making up for lost time with her brother.

During the Kass war, it was Lisha who saw through the Court Dancer's disguise, enabling her to break the spell that the evil enchantress had weaved over King Skarl, which had prevented him from aiding Jeran.

Lisha was seperated from her brother through previously unknown means. After a trip to the mueseum, she noticd an image of a knight that resembled Jeran, which caused her to suffer from a flashback and cry.

Later, she and her friends were teleported to Meridell, where she discovered the knight was, in fact, her brother Jeran.

Lisha was a part of the Champions of Meridell Plot.


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