Here are some user lookup neopets layout templates.

Do not remove others' appropriate content.

cyee51490's user look up

If you need any help, neomail cyee51490.

Copy this:

<div style="width: 50; height: 50; overflow:auto"><table border=2><tr><td><table hight=400><table width=600>
<tr bgcolor= "gray"><font size=1>
This layout was made by cyee51490.</tr><tr bgcolor="gray"><td><u><b><font size=1>neopet status</b>
</u></td><td><u><b><font size=1>my other accounts</b></u></td><td><u><b><font size=1>me hobbies</b></u></td><td>
<u><b><font size=1>hi</b></u></td></tr><tr bgcolor= "lightgrey"><td><font size=1>neomail- <br><b>//open//</b> //closed//<p><font size=1>guild invites- <br>
//open// <b>//closed//</b><p><font size=1>neofriends- <br><b>//open//</b> //closed//</td><td>
<font size=1>here are my other accounts.<p><font size=1>
put your other accounts here</td><td><font size=1>put your hobbies here</td><td>
<font size=1>put a welcome message here</td></tr><tr bgcolor= "gray"><td><u><b>
<font size=1>my movies</b></u></td><td><u>
<b><font size=1>what i do</b>
<font size=1>my music</b></u></td><td><u><b><font size=1>about me</b></u>
</td></tr><tr bgcolor= "lightgrey">
<td><font size=1>put your favorite movies here</td>
<td><font size=1>put what you normally do</td><td><font size=1>
put your favorite music or band here</td><td><font size=1>put stuff about your here</td></tr></table>


If your can't get it to work, neomail cyee51490 and she will help you. Or if you want something different in the boxes, tell her what you would like instead.

Template for RJ

This template is for RJ, but if you'd like to you can copy it.

<style type="text/css">
p img{filter:chroma(color=white)}
</style><style type="text/css">
#nst{width:110px;font-size:8pt;border:1px dotted purple;background-color:lavender;
</style><style type="text/css">
input{color:grey;font-family:VERDANA;background-color:lavender;border:1px solid:border-color:black;}
select{color:darkorchid;font-family:verdana;background-color:lavender;border:2px solid;border-color:black;}
</style><style type="text/css">
background-position: center;
<style type="text/css">
p img{filter:chroma(color=white)}
</style><style type="text/css">
background-position:right bottom;
<style type="text/css">
a:hover{text-decoration:overline underline}
</style><style type="text/css">
body{cursor: crosshair}
</style><table border=2><tr><td><table hight=400><table width=600><tr bgcolor= "purple"><font size=1><tr bgcolor= "lavender">This layout was made by cyee51490.</tr><tr bgcolor= "gray"><td><u><b><font size=1>neopet status</b></u></td><td><u><b><font size=1>avaters</b></u></td><td><u><b><font size=1>my hobbies</b></u></td><td><u><b><font size=1>hi</b></u></td></tr>

<tr bgcolor= "lavender"><td><font size=1>neomail- <br><b>//open//<br></b> //closed//<p>
<font size=1>guild invites- <br>//open// <br><b>//closed//</b><p>
<font size=1>neofriends- <br><b>//open//</b> <br>//closed//</td><td><font size=1>current: <img src=""><br>
newest: <img src=""><br>wanted: <img src=""></td>
<td><font size=1>text here</td><td><font size=1>text here</td></tr>

<tr bgcolor= "purple"><td><u><b><font size=1>my movies</b></u></td><td><u><b><font size=1>what i do</b></u></td><td><u><b><font size=1>my music</b></u></td><td><u><b><font size=1>about me</b></u></td></tr>

<tr bgcolor= "lavender"><td><font size=1>text here</td><td><font size=1>text here</td><td><font size=1>text here</td><td><font size=1>text here</td></tr></table>

Sample from PLH home

Put into the "description" field on the guild home page:

{scrollbar-face-color: #663399; scrollbar-shadow-color: black; 
scrollbar-highlight-color: purple; scrollbar-3dlight-color: #CC99CC; 
scrollbar-darkshadow-color: #CC99CC; scrollbar-track-color: #d5c6ec; 
scrollbar-arrow-color: white;} </STYLE><DIV align="left">
<style type="text/css">A{color:black;font:12pt lucida} 
A:link {color:black;font:12pt lucida} 
A:hover {color:red;font:12pt lucinda}
<DIV style="position:absolute;left : 450px;top : 485px;width : 380px;
height : 480px;overflow:auto;font:12pt comic sans ms;color:purple;
FILTER:   z-index : 2; background:white " id="Layer2">

The PurpleLightHouse is a friendly, helpful guild.  We chat, help each other 
with avatars and games, give each other items.  <p>
Join PLH to find out more about our activities<p>
Daily Activities <p>
<li>Mondays - 2 NP Auctions (on hold right now, but we will start them 
up again, if there is interest)
<li>Tuesdays - Toy Toss Tuesdays
<li>Wednesdays - Weapon Wipeout Wednesday
<li>Thursdays - ?
<li>Fridays - Food Fight Friday
<li>Weekend - Wiki Work Weekend
We also have gifts on your special day (your birthday or other day you select) 
and rotating council spots.  Sometimes we have other activities too -- 
like 2NP auctions -- depending on interest.

Last updated 2007-09-03 by RL

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