Kyruggi neodeck
Kyruggi is a wise Tyrannian Kyrii and the Grand Elder of the Council of Elders. She is the leader of Tyrammet, a small village in the Tyrannian Jungle, not to mention the whole of southern Tyrannia. Kyruggi is a brilliant strategist, fierce warrior and fantastic Go! Go! Go! player.


The Tyrannian Invasion

Kyruggi and the other elders were available to visit by tourists in the Tyrannian Town Hall since March 27th, 2001 (Year 3). Three days later, Kyruggi was present when Myncha returned from a scouting mission in the mud flats north of the Plateau and reported evil looking creatures slowly headed towards Tyrannia.


  • There is an action figure of Kyruggi called the Kyruggi Action Figure, which will bash anyone who claims Grand Elder isn't the most important position in the Tyrannian council.


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