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Oddly enough, the Kougra seems closely related to the Cougar on Earth. Kougras are a Neopian species. The Kougra is currently the 3rd most popular pet. Over 10 million Kougras have been created, making up approximately 5.9% of the pet population.

Kougras were discovered in the "deep forests of Mystery Island". Kougra Day is April 22nd (the month of Eating).

Neopia is inhabited by numerous and fascinating species of neopets. Visit the Neopet Category for a full list.


Kougras look like cartoon tigers or cougars. (They share a similarity with Winnie the Pooh's "Tigger".) Kougras come in the basic colors (red, yellow, green and blue) as well as some of the more exotic appearances: royal, ghost and spooky. (See how to change your pet.)

Styles a Kougra can have are:

Baby, Biscuit, Blue, Brown, Camouflage, Checkered,Chocolate, Christmas, Cloud, Darigan, Desert, Disco, Dimensional,Electric, Faerie, Fire, Ghost, Glowing,Gold, Green, Grey, Halloween, Ice,Invisible, Island, Jelly,Magma, Maraquan, Mutant, Orange, Pink, Pirate, Plushie, Purple, Rainbow, Red, Robot, Royal, Shadow, Silver, Sketch, Skunk, Snow, Split, Spotted, Starry, Striped, Snot, Tyrannian, White, Woodland, Yellow

Famous Kougras

  • Rufus, the Grand Bogen
  • You can see the back of a Kougra playing on the main page for Frumball, but I don't know who it is, yet.
  • Rorru is the Kougra on Mystery Island who gives out haikus. (Answer to the Daily Puzzle on July 28, 2007.)

Kougra items

Some Kougra related sweets are the milk chocolate, mint chocolate, orange chocolate and white chocolate Kougras.

Books: Kougra Tales, Cooking For Kougras, Snowy - A White Kougra Story, Robot Kougra Maintenance, Maraquan Kougra Stories, Kougras of Tyrannia and Mystery Of The Kougra Paw.

Other Kougra related items include Faerie Kougra Plushie, Orange Kougra Print Sofa, Kougra Face Paint, Kougra Pinwheel, Playful Kougra Gnome, Yellow Kougra Plushie, Rustic Kougra Plushie, Faerie Kougra Claw Polish and Kougra Scratching Comb.


According to The Daily Neopets, typing kougra while playing Frumball "Skips level (no points awarded, unlimited use)".

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