Neopoint-bag 0.98 Points = 1 NP
Difficulty-Meter-Difficult Medium
Iaza14042565375008 Shenkuu
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Kou-Jong is a Card & Board game from Shenkuu on Neopets.

Site Description

" Weary from your journey, you enter the young Kougra's ship cabin, hoping for a bit of distraction from the rolling sea. Instead of finding a refreshing cup of tea on the table before you, though, you see stacks of glittering, painted tiles. The Kougra invites you sit down and try her game, which she calls 'Kou-jong.' You begin matching the tiles, pair by pair, until the table is clear. As the Kougra starts restacking the tiles for the next round, you realize that you're beginning to feel quite relaxed. "


  • This game has a ribbon for 50 million plays


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