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Korbat (CORE-bat) are neopets. The Korbat is a smooth-skinned Neopet with two small clawlike feet and two large, leathery wings. It has very large, shell-like ears, a slender but strong triangle-tipped tail and crude opposable digits. Its small but sharp teeth are also noteworthy. At about 70cm, it is a medium-sized Neopet. Korbats are nocturnal by nature, although it doesn't harm them to be out during the day. Left to their own devices, they sleep upside-down during daylight hours, and awaken at dusk when most Neopets are winding down. Since darkness makes it hard to navigate, they use their exceptional hearing to help get a sense of where they're flying. Their wings are very strong, and beat fast when flying or hovering. If threatened, a Korbat will defend itself with its teeth and tail, but they are generally open and friendly Neopets when approached. Despite their resemblance to the human legend of the vampire bat, the majority of Korbats don't wish to harm anyone and certainly don't have a taste for blood. However, it is best not to anger Korbats as they tend to bear grudges. They are not limited edition, meaning you can create one any day of the year.

Site description: "Korbats are nocturnal and inquisitive creatures with keen sense of smell. Despite their vampiric appearance, they are almost always friendly and welcoming."[1]

Available Colours

Below are all possible colours for Korbat. Hit "Expand" to see every one!

8-Bit Korbat Baby Korbat Korbat Christmas
8-Bit Baby Christmas

Unconverted Pets

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Some colours of Korbat were exempt from auto-conversion when Neopets updated the pet art. Click "Expand" to see all possible unconverted Korbat.

Korbat darigan baby Korbat grey baby
Darigan Grey

Famous Korbats


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  1. Pet description

Neopia is inhabited by numerous and fascinating species of neopets. Visit the Neopet Category for a full list.

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