Kookith are rectangular in shape, but very loyal, and very very cute.
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A Kookith is a Petpet from Neopia Central.


This Yellow Petpet can also be: Pink, Grey, Green, Blue, Rainbow, Ghost, Plushie, Fire, Brown, Halloween, Christmas, Pirate, Mutant, Tyrannian, Disco , Chocolate , Desert, Faerie, Gold, Ice, Jelly, Purple, Rainbow, Snow, Spotted, and Strawberry

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Feed Florg

As the name suggests you must help feed Florg. If Florg eats a Kookith you will score 10 points. You can play here.


There is a game called Kookia where you must capture Kookith by moving the mouse over them. You click ghost kookiths to capture them. You can play here.


  • The Petpet Lab Ray is run by a Kookith.
  • You can buy a real life Mini Kookith Plushie.
  • You are unable to paint the Snow Kookith as it was given out by the Advent Calender. The White Ona is the same.
  • You can learn to draw the Kookith here.