Water chef

Kithchen Quests are hosted by the Underwater Chef, a purple Flotsam. He needs ingredients to make various recipes for Mumbo Pango and asks for two-four foods which range between rarity 20 to rarity 80. These quests usually give out low Neopoint prizes or cheap items, but occasionally you're lucky enough to recieve a stat boost or a more rare item. Only do his quests if the foods he wants are very cheap (or if you're rich and bored).

Some Possible Quests

Fried Potatoes with Lime Pancakes: Marshmallow Roast Coffee, Dirt Cheese, and Candy Heart Necklace

Pureed Potatoes and Curried Pie: Nimmo Cream Cakes, Rose Lollyswirl, Pineapple Juice, and Snow Gyro

Pureed Eggs and Custard Wraps: Chilli Jacket Potato, Chocolate Coated Mint Bar, and Buzz Honey

Baked Melons with Custard MashKyrii Pop, Cheese and Beans Jacket Potato, and Strawberry Jelly Jubjub

Whisked Kippers with Lime MashBlueberry Roll, Milk Chocolate Moehogand Cybunny Carrot Cookie

Spiced Octopus with Custard Pancakes: Settra, Sushi Rolls, Caramelised Blunkabean, and Black Cherry Slushie

Creamy Eggs with Chervil Sprouts: Crablett, Iced Shoyru Meatball, Tangy Red Melon Slushieand Mollusc Surprise

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