King Skarl
King skarl
Name King Skarl
home Meridell
Profession Monarch
Species Skeith
Gender Male
Alignment Good

King Skarl is a Blue Skeith who is very "old and grumpy". He can be found in Meridell, and is is well known for "leading Meridell successfully through two terrible wars". His brother, King Hagan of Brightvale is not one of his favourite people!

King Skarl appeared in both the Battle for Meridell Plot, and the Champions of Meridell Plot, and often donates to the Rubbish Dump here. You can read more about him here.

King Skarl also appears in Neopets: The Darkest Faerie on PS2 . The kingdom of Meridell is nearly destroyed, yet saved by two unusual heros .


Goh home
Gallery of Heroes Description

King Skarl has been the ruler of Meridell for many years. Though his land has been ravaged by war twice during the past few years, his leadership has allowed the kingdom of Meridell to continue prospering.

During the war against Lord Kass, after he was freed from the spell of a hypnotic court dancer, King Skarl was immediate with his actions against the invaders. He proclaimed a royal summons, which asked his people to join together and protect Meridell, then sent Jeran to lead a direct attack against the Citadel. Skarl also enlisted the services of Kayla, who created a potion that defended his kingdom against Kass's ground attack.


Grumpy Old King

In this game you must tell King Skarl a joke, and perhaps get Neopoints, or items from him in return. There are two available avatars from this game, see below for how. You can play [here.

Biscuit Brigade: Hagan's Last Stand

In this game you must help King Hagan to protect his biscuits. You do this by building towers to keep King Skarl and his army out. You can play here.

Castle Battles

In this game you play baby King Hagan against baby King Skarl by building castles, and then trying to destroy them. You can play here

Key Quest

King Skarl appears on one of Key Quests Character Cards, shown here. If you activate this card all players will be sent to their home squares.


  • If you get kicked out of King Skarl's castle for telling a bad joke you can receive the Skarl - Moody Avatar.
  • Tell the following joke to King Skarl: What do you do if fierce Peophins has eaten too much tin of olives?. Your answer can be anything, but you must try to make the King laugh hysterically. If you do this you will receive the Blumaroo Court Jester Avatar

These are completely random, you can try here.


  • Chocolate King Skarl
  • Headless King Skarl Plushie
  • King Skarl (TCG)
  • King Skarl Gnome
  • King Skarl Plushie
  • King Skarl Plushie (TCG)
  • King Skarl Plushie Stamp
  • King Skarl Stamp
  • King Skarl the I
  • King Skarl Usuki
  • King Skarls Hammer


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