King Roo is a Blue Blumaroo who rules Roo Island.



King Roo brings you this simple die game which is pure chance.

If you win the jackpot in Dice-A-Roo you will receive the Dice-A-Roo Avatar. You can play here.


In this Neopian version of Sudoku you must impress King Roo so he hires you as his new treasurer. This numerical puzzle is fairly easy once you understand it.

You can play here.

Key Quest

If you land on the Question tile in Key Quest you may be lucky enough to get King Roos character card. If you do, all players roll a 12-sided die rather than a 6 sided one (meaning you can move up to 12 spaces in one turn!) You can play Key Quest here.

Stock Market

King Roo owns Dice-A-Roo Industries PLC which you can buy stocks in at the Stock Market.

"Following the success of Dice-a-roo, the game that took Neopia by storm DROO cant seem to do any wrong. CEO and Chairman King Roo aims to continue the success of Dice-a-roo with a whole string of interactive games due to be launched in the month of Storing."

You can buy stocks here.


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  • Neopedia's article on King Roo (It's article number 2!)

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