King Kelpbeard is the ruler of Maraqua.


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Still haunted by the destruction of Old Maraqua, King Kelpbeard took every precaution to keep the location and existence of New Maraqua a secret. Unfortunately for Kelpbeard, his secret (like most) was eventually discovered, setting the stage for an epic clash between Captain Scarblade's pirates and the brave warriors of his kingdom. A strong and caring leader, Kelpbeard is Maraqua's brightest hope for a return to its former glory.

Long ago, during the era when Old Maraqua still stood proudly beneath the waves, King Kelpbeard took a chance and stood up to the evil pirate captain who threatened his people. Angered, the pirates struck, and struck hard. Maraqua was utterly destroyed, and its people scattered.

Years later, as he oversaw the rebuilding of Maraqua in a secret location, the older and wiser King Kelpbeard organised armies who would be able to protect the New Maraqua should any surface dwellers ever discover it. He commanded his people to never interact with those from the surface like they once had, and he truly believed that it was for the greater good.

Although New Maraqua was discovered, this time King Kelpbeard and his army had the strength to defend their kingdom (with a little help). Maraqua now trades with the surface once again, yet King Kelpbeard still hasn't forgotten that fateful day so many years ago.


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