Correct Pronounciation:
King hay-gan
King Hagan
Lg 359
Name King Hagan
home Brightvale
Profession Monarch
Species Skeith
Gender Male
Alignment Good

King Hagan is a Green Skeith who rules Brightvale.  He is the opposite of his brother King Skarl of Meridell.  King Hagan is wise, and knowledgeable. "His most notable quality, however, is the desire that he has for each and every one of his citizens to be well educated".

You can read more about King Hagan in the Neopedia here.


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  • Hagan the Wise (TCG)
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  • King Hagan
  • King Hagan of Brightvale
  • King Hagan Stained Glass Window
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Wise Old King

King Hagan is also known as the Wise Old King.  He is very wise, but loves to learn.  You must try to tell him some words of wisdom.  If you score an A+ you may receive the Skeith - King Hagan Avatar.

Ultimate Bullseye II

In this game you must aim at a target.  Occasionally the King Hagan Balloon will be available to hit as well as your target.  This balloon is worth 10 points.

If you score 100 points or more in this game you will receive the Turtum Avatar. 

You can play here.

Biscuit Brigade: Hagan's Last Stand

In this game you must help King Hagan to protect his biscuits. You do this by building towers to keep King Skarl and his army out. You can play here.

Castle Battles

In this game you play baby King Hagan against baby King Skarl by building castles, and then trying to destroy them. You can play here

Wheel of Knowledge

King Hagan may give you words of wisdom after you have spun this wheel.  You can try your luck here.


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