NeoPets have many different types of keyrings (keychains).

Some of them are

  • Red Nimmo Keyring
  • Blue Wocky Keyring
  • Blue Korbat Keyring
  • Blue Nimmo Keyring
  • Surfboard Keyring
  • Coconut Keyring
  • Green Wocky Keyring
  • Yellow Wocky Keyring
  • Red Wocky Keyring
  • Orange Nimmo Keyring
  • Yellow Nimmo Keyring
  • Blue Grundo Keyring
  • Yellow Blumaroo Keyring
  • Blue Koi Keyring
  • Blue Kiko Keyring
  • Green Usul Keyring
  • Fire Wocky Keyring
  • Red Grundo Keyring
  • Red Koi Keyring
  • Cloud Jetsam Keyring
  • Red Korbat Keyring
  • Red Skeith Keyring
  • Red Tuskaninny Keyring
  • Red Usul Keyring
  • Angry Red Usul Keyring
  • Yellow Grundo Keyring
  • Yellow Kiko Keyring
  • Yellow Koi Keyring
  • Quiggle Keyring
  • Sludge Ball Keyring

Keyrings are considered toys in Neopia. So, you can buy them at the Toy Shop.

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