Key Quest tokens are what you use to play Key Quest. There are six alignments for the tokens. If you don't have any tokens you will get one of four diffent tokens when you go to Key Quest for the first time. The tokens you have collected can be seen in your collector case. Tokens are usually obtained when you purchase certain Neopets merchandise and redeem its code. They can also be obtained through Neopets events or by purchasing them in the NC Mall.​​

Dark Aligned

Electric Cybunny, Electric Shoyru, Electric Wocky, Electric Gelert, Halloween Acara, Halloween Jubjub, Halloween Kacheek, Darknova, Pink Korbat, Electric Lupe, The Darkest Faerie, Ylana Skyfire, Ferocious Negg, Eliv Thade

Light Aligned,

Blue Bruce, Pink Bruce, Yellow Kacheek, Starry Grundo, Nova, Supernova, Speckled Bruce, Ultranova, Split Grundo, Rainbow Blumaroo, Rainbow Wocky, Disco Chomby, Smiley Negg, Starry Kau, Starry Poogle, Starry Acara, Pink Chomby, Green Grundo, Starry Flotsam, Striped Kacheek, Baby Bruce, Cool Negg, Princess Amira

Fire Aligned

Royalboy Gelert, Royalgirl Gelert, Royalboy Scorchio, Royalgirl Scorchio, Red Scorchio, Plushie Wocky, Yellow Kougra, Purple Scorchio, Camouflage Kougra, Christmas Wocky, Speckled Scorchio, Robot Kacheek, Gold Blumaroo, Gold Kyrii, Gold Usul, Baby Gelert, Chocolate Scorchio

Air Aligned

Red Meerca, Royalboy Uni, Royalgirl Uni, Brown Uni, Cloud Kougra, Plushie Jubjub, Gold Shoyru, Cloud Uni, Starry Elephante, Faerie Aisha, Faerie Acara, Faerie Ixi, Orange Meerca, Rainbow Chomby, Orange Aisha, Spotted Aisha, Disco Elephante, Red Pteri, Pink Elephante, Robot Jubjub, Cloud Moehog, Baby Aisha, AAA, Abigail, Yooyu, Cupid Shoyru, Negg Faerie

Earth Aligned

Green Cybunny, Plushie Mynci, Yellow Xweetok, Pink Cybunny, Orange Kougra, Blue Elephante, Spotted Kau, Camouflage Poogle, Speckled Uni, Cloud Meerca, Island Jubjub, Island Kacheek, Island Bruce, Silver Aisha, Silver Gelert, Silver Shoyru, Green Kacheek, Striped Xweetok, Strawberry Jubjub, Strawberry Poogle, Strawberry Usul, Red Ixi, Purple Kau, Spotted Mynci, Striped Usul, Green Shoyru, Yellow Usul, Green Kau, Orange Lupe, Striped Ixi, Camouflage Wocky, Spotted Cybunny, Robot Mynci, Silver Cybunny, Silver Lupe, Chocolate Usul, Chocolate Xweetok, Jeran, Hannah, Kauvara

Water Aligned

Yellow Poogle, Speckled Acara, Pink Quiggle, Yellow Flotsam, Yellow Flotsam, Blue Koi, Cloud Floatsam, Disco Kiko, Christmas Quiggle, Purple Kiko, Blue Acara, Silver Poogle, Roxton Colchester III, Isca

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