Kelland (also known as The Thief) is a Blue Techo and one of the 12 heroes of Altador. He is a highly skilled thief and has mastery over the dark arts. He doesn't feel that dark magic is inherently evil but depends on whether one uses the power for good or bad. He became a hero to reforming from his old ways.



Book of Ages: Chapter 09

Neopets: The Darkest Faerie

Act 1

Kelland pretends to be an old man and is attacked, Tormund (who is on his way to Meridell) saves him, in return Kelland gives him a magical amulet.

Altador Plot


  • Kelland Plushie
  • Kelland Stamp


  • Out of the 12 Heroes of Altador, Kelland is the only one not to have his own card in the TCG. His only appearance is on The Thief constellation card.
  • It was Kelland who suggested that King Altador invite the Darkest Faerie to join the council, impressed with her power.


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