Name Kayla
home Meridell
Profession Potion-maker
Species Zafara
Gender Female
Alignment Good

Kayla runs the Potion Shop in Meridell Castle, and features in both of the Meridell plots. You can find it here


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Goh home
Gallery of Heroes Description

During innocent days of playing with her friends, this clever little Zafara was always eager to pretend that she was Kauvara, the great potion-maker. However, once she and her friends were magically transported to Meridell, those peaceful times quickly vanished.

Keen on proving herself useful, Kayla studied and experimented with potions. Finally, she was able to prove her ability to King Skarl, by creating a potion that was able to increase the native Turtum Petpets to a gargantuan size. Without the aide of Kayla's potion, Meridell would have surely fallen to the evil of Lord Kass. These days, she runs a shop in the King's castle, where she sells her wondrous potions.


  • Her name used to be Kaelyn . Kayla might be a nick-name.


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