Judge Hog
Ending1 sdjkldie judge hog
Name Judge Hog
home Defenders HQ
Profession Superhero
Species Moehog
Gender Male
Alignment Good
"Remember, kids, don't go into dark, scary places on your own!"

– Judge Hog

Judge Hog is a Blue Moehog, and a superhero of immense strength and power. He is leader of the Defenders of Neopia, and coordinates the entire operation, often sending other superheroes out on missions when he cannot complete them himself. It is unknown if he founded the Defenders, or merely is the current head of the organisation. He has 32 years old.

Judge Hog now oversees active recruitment of Neopians in bringing evil-doers to justice from the Defenders headquarters, personally assisting in the capture of villains (such as the Ghost Lupe), and leads the Defenders team including his second-in-command Sergeant Brexis.


Goh home
Gallery of Heroes Description

Quite possibly Neopia's greatest superhero, Judge Hog is the leader of a small group of heroes who have dedicated their lives to stopping villainy in Neopia. Rather than benefiting himself, this powerful Moehog uses his strength and keen senses to track down evildoers. Once they are caught, Judge Hog ensures that those who would take advantage of or endanger those weaker than themselves are brought to justice.

Don't let his stern demeanour fool you, though. While he is serious about saving others, Judge Hog also has a place in his heart for Neopians who aren't afraid to stand up against evil. If you visit the Defenders of Neopia Headquarters, Judge Hog will be more than happy to give you a mission he thinks you can handle. After all, even Judge Hog was once a youngster eager to prove himself. Maybe you too can do the same, and earn the right to be called a Defender of Neopia!


Since his youth Judge Hog has dedicated himself to looking out for other Neopians, beginning his career with simple feats like rescuing a Kadoatie from a tree and standing up to the school bully.

It is known that at some point in his history of superhero he began to confront villains such as Eyes of Dark, Iron Skeith and Khan the Unstoppable, along with other Defenders of Neopia.


  • Judge Hog's Gallery of Heroes article was released on April 12, 2006.
  • It's uncertain if he can actually fly, or just move really fast, as he leaves plumes of smoke behind whenever he chases after a villain.



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